Finding decent model dragons now that McFarlane don’t do theirs any more (boo!) can be a challenge, but we’ve probably all seen the fantasy versions of semi-realistic dinosaur toys sitting around on shelves in the local department store. They seem to be a general “dump it” merchandise option for most shops who want to sell additional impulse buys to small kids but need something tactile the little blighters can nab en route to the checkout. The main brands here are Papo, Schleich and Safari, all of which have dragons portrayed to various degrees of awesomeness. I’ve collected my favorites here.

It isn’t hard to see here that Safari Toys have by far the biggest draconic range. Not only that but they’re generally the best sculpts and paint jobs too. Schleich aren’t bad but their range is very limited (they do more barnyard and zoo animals; their fantasy range is very small) and Papo‘s sculpts are in my view very shoddy, especially considering they are generally about the same price as the other two.

Who makes your favorite toy model dragons or action figures?